Access Management

Increase productivity and efficiency by streamlining the day-to-day work of the IT department.


Single Sign-on Managed Service

Single Sign On Managed Service eliminates up to 80 percent of an organizations’ password management costs within one day—using technology they already own—with positive ROI typically achieved in 4–12 months. Developed by former IBM SSO architect Patrick Botz, this is sensible single sign on at its best.

Network Security

Protect your organization from the high cost and negative publicity of security breaches by tracking, monitoring, and controlling access to your data. Be sure you know who accessed what, when it happened, and how they got there. Network Security safeguards your IBMi by using exit programs that allow only the people that you have authorized to download or upload data.

Authority Broker

Giving too much system access to the wrong users can lead to catastrophic data corruption and loss. Limit the risk with privileged access management software. Authority Broker protects corporate assets and audits user access in real time for maximum system security.


Password Self-Help

Nobody has time for that. Let your users maintain their passwords based on your pre-defined requirements. Save time + better security controls.

Stand Guard Antivirus

Stand Guard Anti-Virus™ (SGAV) offers the power and protection of the industry-leading Intel Security scan engine while supporting the specific features of your IBM i, such as recursive links, file structures, and built-in scanning.

SGAV protects your IBM i data from viruses, worms, and malware threats. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your scan engine is backed by battle-tested technology, advanced heuristic analysis, and generic detection and cleaning.

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