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SkyViewPolicy Minder for OS/400

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SkyView Managed Security Services:

  • SkyView Managed Security Services is a monthly offering where SkyView Security Experts (led by Carol Woodbury) will pay attention to your IBMi security, so you don't have to. SkyView delivers monthly reports summarizing issues that may require action.

SkyView Risk Assessor for IBM i & i5/OS:
is an automated IBM i & i5/OS security diagnostic tool that analyzes security information from more than 100+ "risk points" across IBM i & i5/OS.
Video Introduction to SkyView Risk Assessor (3:23)

  • With Risk Assessor you see your systems security settings compared to security best practices. The output lets customers understand vulnerabilities and determine adjustments to security policy.

SkyView Policy Minder for IBM i & i5/OS:
is an IBM i & i5/OS security compliance management tool that automates security policy compliance monitoring and delivers comprehensive security administration functionality.
Video Introduction to SkyView Policy Minder (4:22)

  • With Policy Minder you can monitor compliance with security policy and quickly return your security configuration to comply with the established security policy.

SkyView Policy Minder for OPEN Systems
automates security administration and policy compliance tasks and reporting for Open Systems including Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), Ubuntu, CentOS, Oracle Linux and IBM AIX. .

  • Policy Minder for OPEN is a robust, inventive product that greatly eases the task of a system administrator as far as policy and audit documentation is concerned. The product has a lot of possibilities for system administration even outside the security field..

SkyView Security Check-Up:

  • A SkyView Security Checkup is where SkyView provides an independent, third-party expert review, develops a Detailed List of Findings and schedules a conference call with the appropriate people in the organization to review the results. The goal is to evaluate the security environment, educate on why a particular issue represents a security threat and leave the information needed to start addressing any issues that may have been identified.

Linoma Software - "Do you manually send files to your trading partners or move files down to your PC to manually encrypt them before sending them?"

Linoma Software - GoAnywhere:
is Automated Data Movement for the Enterprise

  • GoAnywhere easily streamlines and secures the exchange of data with your customers, trading partners and servers. It allows your organization to consolidate all of its data transmission and processing needs under one solution with a single point of control and administration.

Linoma Software - Crypto Complete:
is an Encryption Suite for IBM i

  • Crypto Complete protects sensitive data on the IBM i using strong encryption, integrated key management and auditing. Crypto Complete allows organizations to implement field encryption and backup encryption quickly and effectively with its intuitive screens and proven technology.

Halcyon Software is a global leader in multi-platform systems management software.

NEW - Halcyon Password Reset Manager

  • Halcyon Password Reset Manager is a new security product for IBM i running on Power Systems that provides a simple, secure, self-service solution that enables end users to reset forgotten passwords and re-enable their own user profile without the need to contact the Service Desk.



  • ExpertAnytime OS/400 Security Training Courses are no longer available on CD.

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Dynamic Bandwidth Shaper for ISPs and the Hospitality Industry

ISPs can increase profits by balancing bandwidth demands with a better overall customer experience through the adoption of the Dynamic Bandwidth Shaper (DBS) cloud service.

  • The DBS provides ISPs with the capability to cost effectively deliver a variety of bandwidth service levels to their subscribers.

  • The DBS gives ISPs the ability to deliver IPES in a manner that is both profitable for ISPs and equitable for their subscribers.

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