Managed File Transfer

Go paperless and automate key business processes by electronically capturing, managing, and distributing documents and forms.

Why Organizations Need Data Backup Management

Without a reliable backup strategy, it’s likely that you won’t be able to recover in a disaster situation such as a full system failure. Perhaps worse, without documentation to prove your strategy was current, effective, and accurately implemented, you put your company and your own job at risk when auditors come knocking. Your recovery procedure needs to be up to date, reflecting any and all changes to your backup procedure, or you could face penalty fees for compliance violations.

Whether it’s a matter of adding an IFS subdirectory into your backup procedure, restoring one or many IFS objects, or automating restricted state saves, a data backup management solution can simplify your save and restore process and introduce a level of security and accountability that you might have thought impossible.


GoAnywhere MFT is an enterprise-level solution that secures, automates and streamlines file transfers for organizations of all sizes. Deployable on-premises, cloud or hybrid environments, this managed file transfer solution helps organizations to achieve regulatory compliance with ease, improve data security and streamline manual processes.

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