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free-security-scanSecurity experts agree that identifying your system’s vulnerabilities is the best place to start with IT security. And if your organization is required to comply with security standards like HIPAA, SOX, PCI DSS, a vulnerability assessment is more than a solid first step—it’s a necessary step mandated by these security standards.

With the data a vulnerability assessment provides, you can make sure the greatest risks are addressed and monitored. Justifying the cost or manpower involved in hardening security can be difficult without information. A risk assessment removes that barrier.

An objective outline of the risks also improves communication between executives, managers, and IT staff, ensuring all members of your organization are working toward the same business goals.

Productivity improves when staff members are working to mitigate actual security risks, not the risks that are assumed to be present. Inefficient, unfocused efforts can be redirected toward security projects that will make a difference in improving your organization’s security posture.

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