Security Monitoring

Stay a step ahead of end users and reduce the cost and amount of downtime by spotting and solving the system, application, and network issues fast.

Managed Security Services

IT security is somewhere on your to-do list, but it never quite bubbles to the top. With data breaches and malware attacks making news almost every day, the risks of neglecting security are obvious. But what do you do—especially without an experienced security expert on staff? And where does your team find the time?

Managed Security Services (MSS) is the simplest and most efficient way to identify security vulnerabilities on your system. Threats are constantly changing, and cybersecurity skills and experience are rare. MSS puts a seasoned security expert on your side, while the rest of your team is free to focus on other IT projects. With an expert looking out for your organization’s best interests, you can stop worrying that key risks will be overlooked or that the next compliance audit will result in fines or penalties.


Allows you to monitor your IBM i for critical security events and receive real-time notifications of security breaches so you can protect your most important business information.

Interact sends security-related events directly to your enterprise security monitor. Through integration with your security information and event management (SIEM) console, Interact simplifies and centralizes security and integrity monitoring.

Face it, not everyone is an IBM i expert. Interact translates complex audit journal details into a standard syslog format so any operator can understand the data and act on it.

Data Thread

Database Monitoring Software for your IBMi
With real-time visibility into every change users make across all systems, security administrators can virtually eliminate the risk of undetected data corruption.

See what users are changing across systems. By combining data from multiple, connected systems, you have a centralized view for reporting and archiving, making database security management easier.

Maintain an audit trail of all system changes made in a secure database that helps you meet the requirements of some of the most stringent security regulations.
Use filters to monitor and record changes to only your sensitive data. Define which fields contain data to be monitored and set the criteria for triggering a notification.

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