Security Policy Management

Meet security mandates and easily generate the documentation necessary to prove compliance.

Policy Minder

When settings must be changed manually on multiple servers, the logistics of complying with your security policy become impractical. From changing server settings to running compliance checks, you can take tedious and time-consuming security administration tasks off your plate and let software handle them automatically.

Regardless of an organization’s size or complexity, servers have hundreds of configuration settings that affect security posture. Creating a security policy by manually documenting each setting is a time-consuming process that includes the very real risk of human error. Policy Minder takes the entire project off your to-do list by automating the creation of your security policy.

Start by documenting your system’s existing settings to establish a baseline. Updating the policy to reflect changes is quick and easy, and you can check for out-of-compliance settings as often as you want—even every day.

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Compliance Monitor

Compliance reporting shouldn’t be the most complex part of compliance. Simplify the task of generating reports across your IBM i systems. Compliance Monitor consolidates audit and security data from multiple systems into a single report, saving your shop time and money.

Give auditors the information they need without the expense or risk of developing homegrown reporting applications. With an easy-to-use web interface and flexible filters, you can define and display the data exactly as auditors require.

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