Vulnerability Assessment

Protect business-critical data with automated security solutions that help you stay ahead of today’s ever-changing threats.

Risk Assessment

Today’s threat landscape has made cybersecurity a top priority—not just for IT, but for the business itself.

You know you need to do something about security, but it’s tough to know where to start or what actions would have the greatest impact.

Trial and error with different cyber security tools is a common tactic, but without information about your system’s vulnerabilities, you have no way of knowing how effective your efforts are. For example, investing in a better, stronger firewall won’t help you if overprivileged users are your system’s greatest risk.

A vulnerability assessment will help you avoid mistakes like that by helping you make informed, strategic decisions. Instead of a scattershot approach to security, you can use your resources to improve data protection in a meaningful way.

Penetration Testing

The only way to truly validate system vulnerabilities is to try to exploit them. Security penetration testing, commonly known as ethical hacking, is a critical step organizations should take to ensure their data security.

Once you’ve identified existing security vulnerabilities through a Risk Assessment, Penetration Testing can determine whether the risks identified pose a real threat to data. Our expert security team relies on commercial-grade software tools to assess your system. We have the experience to ensure security penetration testing on IBM i is done right and can provide an unbiased assessment of your security to help guide you towards remediation.


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